Monday, March 9, 2009

The UFL Has Actually Found A Cable TV Home!

I did not think I would live to see the day, but the United Football League (a.k.a. the UFL) has gotten a home on cable TV. Guess where? They're on Versus! Well, it is where the NHL went to die get a broadcast deal to bring back interest into the sport! From Awful Announcing via UFL PR

The United Football League announced that VERSUS, a national sports network in more than 75 million homes, will air the League’s “Premiere” season beginning in October 2009. VERSUS will air live weekly games beginning on Thursday, October 8, and continuing through the Championship Game scheduled to air Thanksgiving weekend. Each live telecast will be approximately three hours and all games will be produced and available in HD. The complete schedule will be announced this summer.

In its “Premiere” year, the UFL will host teams in Las Vegas, New York, Orlando and San Francisco. There are also plans to play additional games in Hartford and Los Angeles. The season will conclude with a Championship Game tentatively scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend in Las Vegas. On Wednesday, the UFL will announce its four coaches at a press conference in San Francisco. League officials are in final negotiations with various stadiums and these agreements will be announced as they are completed.

“We are excited to be the television home of the UFL in its “Premiere” season,” said Marc Fein, Executive Vice President of Programming, Production and Business Operations for VERSUS. “The UFL has put together a great management team and sound plan and we are looking forward to the opportunity to expose these games to a national audience each week.”
So let's see, you are going to have a 4-team league at the same time the NFL and college football are on, show it on one of the more obscure sports networks, and you are going to hope to succeed? Oh man, this has comedby show written all over it!


  1. Didn't we larn that from the WFL, the USFL and the XFL?

  2. The UFL has not heard of those leagues of which you speak.

  3. You mean the College basketball Invitational?

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  5. @ RJBO: And to think I was just thinking to myself, that darn, we really need another college basketball tournament. After what is sure to be a drubbing today, DePaul really deserves another chance...


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