Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Games I'm Saddled With For The First Round

I am indeed rather impatient when it comes to what games I am getting, so I have done the research and have found that even though I get 2 different CBS Stations, they will be showing the same games (CBS 3 Philly and WYOU Wilkes-Barre Scranton), at least on Thursday, WYOU has not released their Friday schedule yet, although I have no reason to believe that they would be different.

Anyway, here is my schedule for watching games (this is the Philly schedule for both days; I plan on using this channel more because it will have constant feeds for Nova/Temple and it's the channel I am used to when it comes to this; only when I am given the virtual middle finger will I switch over and hope for luck)

Day Slot 1: LSU-Butler (Greensboro)
Day Slot 2: UConn-Chattanoogo (Philly)
Bonus MMOD slot: Washington-Mississippi State (Portland)
Night Slot 1: Villanova-American (Philly)
Night Slot 2: Duke-Binghamton (Greensboro)

Syracuse-Stephen F. Austin (Miami)
Arizona State-Temple (Miami)
Louisville-Morehead St. (Dayton)
Ohio State-Siena (Dayton)

See the pattern? With the exception of the afternoon west coast game that is only available in certain markets and MMOD (and seeing as I would place that one on upset alert, I will be watching it through MMOD), I'm stuck in 2 cities for both days! And worse, NO GUS JOHNSON! Of course, you all know what this means; Minneapolis will be the place for drama. What makes me so sure, well last year I had 2 games with Gus in the first round and we all know how boring Denver was last year. But on the plus side of things, I hardly ever get a decent dose of Ian Eagle and he's one of my favorites, I get to see my beloved Wachovia Center twice, but most of all, unless I'm flexed there during halftime or a close game, I WON'T HAVE TO PUT UP WITH TIM BRANDO DURING THE FIRST ROUND!


  1. I have to look it up on my CBS affiliate, but I am sure I will get all the Portland and Kansas City games.

  2. @JFein, I took a look at my schedule and I get all the horrible announcers. I get Brando twice, WenzelJack twice. But I also get a GuJo game. And one GuJo game cancels out the horribleness of Brando and WenzelJack.

  3. That Mississippi State-Washington game is also on CBS College Sports.

  4. @ JamesCraven: No dice on that one, though, I don't get CBS College Sports. It's either MMOD or nothing for me when it comes to that game.

  5. I'm just letting you know that, ad the computer feeds as well...

  6. The games I get:
    Thursday: Nantz, Harlan, Brando, Harlan
    Friday: Bolerjack, Gus, Gus, Gus

  7. @ RJBO: You've got 3 games with Gus?????????????

    No, I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous at all....

  8. Hopefully no charges are filed and CBS does not punish him for that. The last thing we need is James Brown back, although if you can replace Tim Brando (instead of Gus), I'd be thrilled.


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