Thursday, March 5, 2009

Villanova vs. Providence Live Blog

Live blog tonight! I'm running out now, hopefully I'll be back in time for the start of the game.

Sorry for the delay. I'm back and the Wildcats are leading 16-14 over Providence.

The bottom line just gave me great news! Illinois and Penn State are playing again! The combined O/U is 50.

20-14 Villanova as we get shots of blind resumes. I don't know why they have to make suspenseful by doing it blind, the comparison would get through either way, but whatever, I guess.

Media timeout time. Villanova is on a 9-0 run and lead 20-14.

Whoa, I just received news that the Eagles just traded Greg Lewis to New England. No surprise, he won't be missed. They also get a 2010 draft pick and the Eagles get a 2009. No complaints from me.

Pena is fouled as he tried to shoot from inside. Wildcats are up by 6, 22-16. And Dave and Len make a good point that Villanova could easily end up in Philadelphia (they only play 3 or less games in the Wachovia Center during the regular season) with these economic times, the less teams have to fly out far away, the better.

Why on earth is the Morgan St.-Coppin St. basketball game in a delay?

3 FOR REYNOLDS! And the Wildcats are up by 9! This is it, if Villanova wins, they get a double-bye in the Big East tournament (which will reduce the wear and tear before the NCAA tournament, and that's the biggest benefit, imho).

Providence keeps turning the ball over. The turnover ratio is 8-1.

12-point lead at the 8-minute timeout, 32-20 Wildcats.

Providence is making a run at things, it's now a 7-point game, although a pair of freebies from Nova as turned it into a 9 point lead.

Big 3 for the Friars! It's now a 7-point game. Hankey with the hook shot and it's now a 5-point game. The Friars are battling back.

Turnover by Cunningham! McKenzie with a wide open 3 shot and he air balls it!

I have mixed feelings about the championship tournaments. They're as fun as hell to watch, but other than for the sake of winning a trophy, there really is not much on the line other than a few seeds unless you're a team that had a horrible season but got hot at the exact right time (see Georgia in last year's SEC tourney).

HAHA! A-Rod may be out for 4 months. Sorry, I can't stand the Yankees.

Villanova misses at the line and they are just letting Providence back in this game.

WHOA! HOW DID PROVIDENCE COME AWAY WITH THAT ONE! Brooks with a nice jam after the scramble and it's now a 3-point game. It looks like Marquette may have to end up losing again.

STOKES FROM 3! 6-point game now and they need that. 10 seconds to go.

Yay! More blind resumes. We've got Providence again and this time they are being compared to Minnesota and Maryland.

My opinions.

1. Providence
2. Maryland
3. Minnesota


40-34 Villanova at the break.

Wow, did you catch that massacre by Stephen Bardo? He could not think of the term double bye and he talked about teams banging each other. Niiicee...

Providence starts the half by turning the ball over and ANDERSON QUICKLY CONVERTS IT INTO A 3! Nice transition play by the Cats.

Efejuku is called for his 3rd foul. Providence is trying to hang tough with Villanova. They're back within 5. EFEJUKU ALLEY-OOPS IT! IT'S A 3-POINT GAME! Out of bounds on Providence after a bunch of misses and rebounds by Villanova.


"Louisville and West Virginia, both probably in the NCAA tournament." - Dave Pasch

I would suggest that Louisville is a little better than probably.

Was that Gary Throne doing the commentary in that Buffalo Wild Wings commercial?

Misfires on both sides of the court. Providence trails by 5 at the media timeout.

"Welcome back to Villanova where Len Elmore has come up with the Blind Resume play at home game!" -Dave Pasch

Anderson has been a house of fire tonight. Cunningham gets called for an elbow.

8-point Wildcat lead. Kale gets called for a foul.

McDermott gets called for a foul and it seems like we've had one every 30 seconds or so this game. Or maybe it's just me, I am really tired...

REJECTED! Too bad it was called a foul. Clark has 4 fouls and he'll take a seat on the bench.

"The last time Villanova won 5-games was 1951." - Dave Pasch

Wait, weren't they a #1 seed a few years ago? I guess they have more games now.

Villanova's trap causes Providences' 14th turnover. FISHER FROM 3.....ONIONS! 10-point lead! TURNOVER! IT'S A 2-1! FISHER TO REYNOLDS FOR THE EASY LAY-UP! 63-51 Villanova and barring a catastrophic meltdown, they're going to the quarterfinals of the Big East tournament.

It's now a 10-point lead. Did Pena just tip the ball in for Providence? TRAITOR! Well, at least he made up for it with that basket.

REYNOLDS FOR THREE! 13-point lead with 9:10 to go!

Am I smelling a 100-point performance for the Wildcats?

Efejuku jams it down for the Friars! They either need a big comeback here or a deep run in the Garden.

70-59 Villanova with under 8 to go.

Efejuku is literally the only player on Providence that has bothered showing up with the desparation needed. He trails the Wildcats by 8.


REYNOLDS DOES IT AGAIN! 21 points on the day and 5-9 from 3-Land!

Efejuku is fouled on the 3-point shot. He makes all 3. Anderson misses the 3 and Providence gets the rebound. STEAL! FISHER CONNECTS WITH A LAY UP! 80-69 Villanova and they can smell the Big East quarterfinals.

Curry from 3! Villanova somehow escapes a turnover. Cunningham connects with a basket AND 1!

All right, there's some action in Ohio it seems.

How would Len Elmore difuse a fight? Ponder that for a second. (49er16)

That's one of those questions that no one will ever know the answer to...

10-point Villanova lead, 85-75 with 2:49 to go.

"Providence can look back at this and look at the shotty ball handling." - Len Elmore

Damn, he pronounced his syllables crrectly!


Villanova is running up the score thanks to Providence turnovers, and it's now a 21-point game.

Talking bubbles, as I mentioned in the comments section, Penn State is going to be in and I believe that despite some bad losses (i.e. last night vs. NC State), BC is in.

And the seniors walk off the court on Senior Night at The Pavilion.

I'll be live blogging the Big East Tournament from the quarterfinals onward to the championship, regardless of how Villanova does. And I'll interwine that with some ACC live blogs as well and maybe the A-10 championship if a Philly team makes it (we have 3, so the chances are there). If there's a game that anyone wants to take over for me, you're more than welcome to step up and take it.

97-80 is your final score. The Wildcats have a double bye in the Big East tournament. See you around!


  1. How come Villanova games always have len Elmore are the announcer? Is it just to punish us?

  2. I wonder if Keno Davis has ever been to Vegas?

    Sorry bad joke

  3. Yeah, it seems like Dave Pasch and Len Elmore have been making their home in southeastern Pennsylvania.

    On the bright side, that could mean that Gus Johnson could come to Philly for March Madness (I won't be there, but still, it'd be neat to say that Gus was in Philly, as opposed to Nantz and Packer a few years ago).

  4. I saw James Brown when the tournament was in Sacramento.

  5. I will take the under in the Penn St.- Illinois game.

  6. I would put Providence in the tournament before Michigan.

  7. Watch Greg Lewis turn into the next Wes Welker.

  8. I'd have the teams

    1. Providence
    2. Creighton
    3. Michigan

    I think Providence and Creighton will make it, but it will be a no for the Wolverines.

  9. I thought Nova was in Phily?

  10. It must be a weather delay. It's happen before.

    Jay Wright looked pissed and Keno Davis looks like an idiot.

  11. Does Providence realize that they are wearing the dark jersey's?

  12. Yeah, Villanova is in Philly, but they don't play all their games at the Wachovia Center, where the Flyers and Sixers play. They only play 3 games there per year. They have their own arena, The Pavilion, where they are now, on campus.

  13. ACtually if you want technicalities, Villanova is literally a few miles outside the city, but it's close enough to be considered Philly (and it literally is just a few miles).

  14. What the hell? Now Nova can't hold on to the ball.

  15. Well so much for Shawn Springs being an Eagle; he signed with the Patriots.

    /Not depressed at all. That move would have made no sense for the Eagles.

  16. @JFein, how did you feel when Michael Lewis left the Eagles.

    He has done a good job in San Frasciso.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Providence sure did blow their load in the last seconds of the half.

  19. Where did ESPN find Stephen Bardo? Off the streets?

  20. 'Nova should romp.....again.

    As for the Iggles, I think they are just 95% rebuilding.....why else would they have 100 draft picks?

  21. I really like Penn State, but I'm terrified to tune into that Illinois game. We all remember what happened last time..

  22. I think so, 49er16, I think so. Wait, wasn't he with Tim Brando and Mike Gminski calling tourney games a few years ago?

    The answer to the Michael Lewis question can be best answered by me saying that I completely forgot about him until you brought him up again. I forget how I felt at the time he left though.

    @ SSR: The Eagles trade draft picks up and down and back and forth so much it's not even funny. Andy Reid loves the draft and yet, he's basically sucked at it the last couple years. Beleive it or not, DeSean Jackson was not the first person we picked last year. It was Trevor Laws out of Notre Dame....who knew?

  23. This game is weird.

    First Providence turns the ball over and Nova can't miss a shot.

    Then Nova turns the ball overs and Providence can't miss a shot.

  24. Congrats on finally getting rid of Just Turnovers O'Sullivan!

  25. I'm glad I was not the only one who watched the Greg Paulus, "I Kissed A Boy" video over and over again. So hilarious.

  26. Yeah, we get rid of Just Turnovers for Damon Huard.

    You don't know how badly I am rooting for Shawn Hill to get the job next year.

  27. Nova will beat these guys. They aren't tough enough to hang with Nova.

  28. Did you see Keno picking his nose?

  29. Damn, I missed the nose-picking!

    The A-10 is, in my opinion, the best all-around non-major conference in college basketball.

  30. Okay, maybe that's my bias because there are 3 Philly schools in that conference (Temple, St. Joseph's, and La Salle).

  31. La Salle home of one of my favorite players growing up as a kid. Lionel Simmons, the L-Train.

    Damn I miss when the Kings were only mediocre.

  32. My dad actually went to La Salle. Don't think he knew Lionel Simmons, though. Although he did grow up down the street from a young Kobe Bryant.

  33. Unless there is an unexpected deep tourney run, the only Philly A-10 team with a chance to dance this year is Temple, in my opinion.

  34. The boys at Fanhouse would be going crazy if they lived down the street from Kobe Bryant.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. It was only as he was a kid, though. Not at all in Kobe's hayday. THat would be cool, though, to live next to a star athlete (at the time he is famous).

  37. By the way, Minnesota beat Wisconsin in a 51-46 slugest in Big Ten play!


  38. Damn Minnesota got 51 points. That is a miracle in itself.

  39. @ SSR: Penn State plays Illinois again tonight! Maybe they'll actually make it to the 40s that game. Man oh man, what a shootout that would be...

  40. How would Len Elmore difuse a fight?

    Ponder that for a second.

  41. "Perhaps the biggest rivalry in the A-10." - Bob Wischusen

    Um, I don't know much about Xavier and Dayton's rivalry, but putting it over the biggest of the PHilly Big 5 rivalries (St. Joe's and Temple) is certainly quite a reach and quite the statement.

  42. Great question, 49er16.

    I'd suggest a megaphone, but that would just make him sound human...

  43. Timeout, as the Providence dreams of dancing in the tournament is just a pipe dream now.

  44. Just an announcing tidbit (since this game is over) from across the pond since I keep track of that....

    Ian Darke is a warrior.

    Darke commentated on boxing for Sky Sports this past Friday.

    Then he commentated on Chelsea vs. Wigan on Saturday for Sky Sports.

    Then he commentated on Bolton vs. Newcastle off of a monitor in a studio for international viewers.

    Then called Leeds vs. Oldham at the stadium for Sky Sports on Monday.

    Then called Portsmouth vs. Chelsea for Sky Sports on TUESDAY!

    That's 5 events in 5 days! And to cap it off he commentated on his favorite team in Portsmouth!

    That's a lot of travelling!

  45. Sorry SSR, soccer just doesn't interest me.

  46. @ 49er16....that wasn't the point!

    5 games in 5 days in 3 different cities!

  47. Despite strength of schedule, I think Penn State is in.

    "Last game was a low-scoring game, in the 30s." - Dave Pasch with the understatement of the year.

  48. I know. I still don't like soccer.

  49. That is impressive. Is he any good?

  50. I am going to drink to this Villanova win.

    CHEERS !

  51. Mmmm! Fat Tire goes down smoothly.

  52. He's a legend JFein!

    He's like Gus Johnson but almost 60.

    Here's a sample.

  53. Providence can have a cheesesteak to make themselves feel better.

  54. Onions? Onions?

    Steve Fredricks channeling Johnny Most: "From way downtowbn... BANG!"


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