Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tomorrow Is Going To Be Quite The Epic Day For Yours Truly

You know how there is always that one day every once in awhile where you have so much going on that it makes your head spin. Well, tomorrow is going to be that day for me.

I have a speech to give tomorrow at 8 AM for my Public Speaking class. Which means that I will be up until the crack of dawn tonight into tomorrow morning finishing, rehearsing, and perfecting the speech. And then subsequently, I will have to get my arse out of bed at that subsequent crack of dawn. Yay, little sleep for me!

And then I have another class at 11 and then at 2 I have a very important meeting with my academic advisor. As someone who is a double major and knows that he will have to take some very tough and/or time-demanding courses in the future, it is imperative that I schedule smart now so that I am not f-ed up the arse with 3 difficult and time consuming courses all in one semester.

And there is the possibility that our league will be having a wiffleball game at around the hours of 5-7. That will in all likelihood depend on whether or not we play today and how much and that is very much up in the air at this point.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, my favorite college basketball team, Villanova, is playing the college basketball that I despise the most, Duke in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament. The last time I was this jacked for a sporting event was the Eagles' NFC Title game (because I thought they had a real chance of winning) and I do not know if I've ever been this pumped for a basketball game in my life!

And if the plan from last week is still in tact, 49er16, Mookie (SSR), and myself will be doing the live blog again.

Good times coming tomorrow!

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