Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eagles' Free Agency This Off-Season Has Gotten Instantly Boring

Well, this was certainly a rather anticlimatic way for the Eagles' hopes this free agency to fade away.

To recap everything that has happened in the past few days:

Panthers have tagged Julius Peppers and re-signed Jordan Gross, both of whom were considered Eagles prospects.

Antonio Bryant has been tagged; he had an outside shot of being an Eagle.

Joselio Hanson has signed a 5-year deal. That will mean bye-bye Lito. If only we would have traded him this time last year, he might have been worth something other than a 6th round draft pick.

The Eagles plan on resigning Tra Thomas and Brian Dawkins.

The only drama left this off-season is will the Eagles get a wide receiver, even after Tom Heckert has said that they will not pursue one. The good news is that Anquan Boldin has publically stated that if he does not get a new contract by this Tuesday that he wants out of Arizona.

Unless the Eagles do sign one of these receivers, it looks like any and all big moves the Eagles will make will come in this year's draft. They have the salary cap room to make a big move, the question is, will they take advantage of it?

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