Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pro Bowl Live Blog Pre-Game

Well, it may be the Pro Bowl and I'll probably lucky if I get 10 combined comments throughout the game, but Andy Reid is coaching and I almost feel compelled to document the hilarity. Besides, I like all of the crazy plays the Pro Bowl produces because of it's stupid rules.

In a game of offense, I think the NFC's offense is better than the AFC's offense. Now if this were to be a normal football game with normal rules, I would take the AFC for their defense, but in a game where we constantly see offense dominate and the defenses rendered useless, I'm taking the NFC. Feel free to leave your predictions in the comments section and we'll be getting underway at 4:30. See you then!


  1. AFC over NFC, running backs take day off for NFC.

  2. "This is the 30th anniversary of the Pro Bowl in Honolulu, this is also the 30th anniversary of John Madden, not getting on an airplane." - Al Michaels


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