Friday, February 27, 2009

Free Agency Recaps

Ugh. If you haven't done so yet, see the below post and you'll understand why I am doing this without a part of my heart.

Sorry for not having the running blog up today, but when I was not in class this morning, I was shoving down my lunch so that I can pack my stuff up and head for home. I'll get to the league updates in a second, but I'll start with the Eagles.

As I mentioned earlier, the Eagles signed offensive linemen Stacy Andrews, brother of Shawn Andrews. Fincancial details of his contract are unavailable although it is reported that it averages to $7 million per year. Unbelieveable, T.J. Houshmandzadeh as all but came out and said that if the Eagles offer him a contract that he's sporting the midnight green, but yet, he is not an Eagle. Unbelieveable. I'm not objecting the signing of an offensive tackle, with Runyan and Thomas uncertain, but for goodness sakes, Andrew Walter Reid, get your star QB the receiver he's always deserved! And stat! Housh should not be in Seattle right now. Ugh, I feel a special comment if the Eagles don't do anything in the coming days.

There is a brief light of hope that maybe, just maybe, the Eagles might get a receiver. There has been talks of a trade with a certain NFC team. However, it's not the Cardinals. According to The Recliner GM's live updates, the Eagles are in talks with the Rams of giving up Reggie Brown and a draft pick for Torry Holt.

The Eagles are also thinking of taking a look at Derrick Ward. They could have kept Correll Buckhalter for a much cheaper price. Aspeaking of Buckhalter, he has also signed with the Broncos. Unlike Dawkins, I called careless about Bucky. Although the date is TBA, that Denver @ Philly game this season is looking like it could be something special. Assuming it hasn't been burned down, that is.

Sean Considine and L.J. Smith are off to Jacksonville and Atlanta, respectively.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh has channeled his inner college basketball fan and named a Final Four. It's down to the Eagles, Vikings, Giants, and Seahawks.

Getting to the rest of the NFL....

Fred Taylor has gone to the New England Patriots. Corey Dillon.....HELLO!

In the big move of the day, Albert Haynesworth is a $100 million man in Washington. Dan Snyder sure knows how to pay his players, but it always seems like when they get to Washington, they can never play.

The Vikings have signed Sage Rosenfels. Nice to see the Vikings know a good QB when they see one...

Kurt Warner is testing the market.

Brian Dawkins is a Bronco.

Brian Dawkins is a Bronco.

Brian Dawkins signed with the fucking Denver Broncos!!! Ugh, I'm still not over that.

The Jets have signed linebacker Bart Scott.

Who would have thought in September 08 that Kerry Collins would be signing a 2-year, $15 million extention with the Titans? Well, that's exactly what happened.

The Bucs are the big winners of the Kellen Winslow sweepstakes. The Browns in return have gotten some Buc draft picks.

If anything happens tonight and tomorrow and so on and so forth, I'll have it up here as soon as I possibly can.

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