Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ray Allen Is Sick

Even though I'm pretty much in love with all Philly sports, the struggling and inconsistent 76ers have never been my favorite. I don't hate them, it's just if there is one team in Philly I could do without it's the 76ers. I hardly watch their games (actually I've been so preoccupied that I've hardly watched the Flyers this year and I love the Flyers). And I'm also not that big on the NBA period. I feel as if it often times becomes more of a showcase than a competitive game (Which is contrary to college basketball, which is really beginning to creep it's way as one of my favorite sports next to college football and the NFL). That being said about the Sixers, this video from last night's Sixers-Celtics game is insane. The Sixers were up 99-97 on the Celtics (yes, were actually beating the Celtics!) with 5 seconds left when Ray Allen, who may have had the flu decided that he did not like overtime that much...

ONIONS! The Sixers are like baby seals and Ray Allen just clubbed them. And that would be Clyde Drexler's analogy, not mine.

FYI, I plan on doing a few Sixers/Flyers live blogs throughout this season. I haven't figured out what games I'm going to do yet, but I'll be sure to have a few for you up this year (if there's ever a national TV game or a big game, I'll try to do one).


  1. Please Live-blog a national game, for I could comment and watch.

  2. If I can do it that particular night, I'll live blog everything on national TV, but the Sixers are almost never on national TV (unless there's a flex or a change, their next national TV game is in April) and hockey is hardly ever on national TV period. I've got Flyers-Rangers at 12:30 eastern time on February 15th and that's it for the month. There's 2 more Flyers in March and 1 more in April on NBC and the Flyers have a few on Versus but I don't get Versus.

    If it's a big game or if I'm not busy and in the mood, I'll live blog what I can, even if it is just local, although I'll definitley try to be around for what few nationally televised Philly games there are.

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  4. I'll live blog everything on national TV, but the Sixers are almost never on national TV

    Does NBA TV count as National TV? The games against Phoenix & Orlando (Feb 9 & 28, respectively) are on NBA TV.

    What about live-blogging some of Villanova's stretch run? 6 of their last 8 regular season games are on ESPN, ESPN2 or CBS (including an Interactive Tuesday debacle game next week against Marquette).

  5. @ RJBO: Thanks for reminding me. Nova's my favorite college basketball team and I'll try to do some of those games in the future. I did not think about that for some reason, even though I'll be watching more college basketball than anything else over the two months or so...

    Yes, NBA TV counts (even though I don't get that channel, it still comes through locally, I believe). However, the Sixers schedule on their website did not have any nat'l TV games (including NBA TV) until April. And NBA TV was listed in April. Must have been a change or something that the Sixers have yet to fix on their site.

  6. On the Sixers' schedule, I looked at the one had which separates National TV from local.

    That Interactive Tuesday game next week is one you should live-blog for sure, just for the ridiculous nonsense flying across the top of the screen while an important game is going on.

  7. It does so on the Sixers website, but the fact that they have nothing for February and March and a whole bunch in April, makes me skeptical about that one. I look for them on the AA schedules every week, so I doubt I'll miss one.

    And yes, as soon as you said Interactive Tuesday, I thought live blogging is a must. Plus that's a really big game for them (then again, a game against mostly anyone in the Big East is a big game).


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