Monday, February 9, 2009

Chris Jericho Takes WWE To A Whole New Level

Before I stopped watching WWE last spring, I had followed it religiously for over 10 years (I just got sick of it and stopped watching). And thus speaking as someone who knows quite about WWE, I have never seen anything like this happen before. As we all know, wrestlers' personalities are not what they are on camera. Some of them, even the heels (a.k.a. the bad guys), are supposedly the nicest people you could ever meet. Others, such as Randy Orton, are reportedly complete douche bags outside of the ring. And then there's Chris Benoit who took steroids and went crazy. However, what's surprising about the following video is that I never saw Chris Jericho being involved in something like this.

In defense of Chris Jericho though, he was provoked and the security did jack-shit to help him. I think that they actually may have been protoges of Paul Blart. Anyway, the good news is no one was severely hurt that I know of and as soon as he was physically able to, Chris Jericho got the heck out of there.

Stay classy, WWE Fans and Chris Jericho.
Stay on the valium, WWE security in Vancouver.

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