Monday, February 23, 2009

This Is Flat Out Redunkulous

Okay, um, wow, you can imagine my surprise as I was joining 49er16 in his live blog of the KU-OU game and all of a sudden the SportsCenter Right Now shows a highlight of the end of the Sixers-Nets game. And in case you have yet to see this clip, you will soon find out what the meaning of the word redunkulous is. I'm not sure if you're ready for this. Marv Albert has the call...

That play was indeed ruled a basket and a buzzer beater win for the New Jersey Nets. The Sixers have been the victims of some cruel buzzer beaters this year (click on the Sixers link below and scroll down to see the video the Celtics buzzer beater), but man oh man, that's about as nasty an ending as I have ever seen in basketball.

I mentioned this in the comments section, but look at the bottom of the screen and the YES "bottom line" if you will. Apparently even they don't believe the Nets won that game. Too funny.


  1. Stuart Tanner is not impressed.

    Seriously, that's a killer shot.

  2. I am still speachless when I see that highlight.

  3. With the way that ball was being juggled, I'm impressed that he even got it to go 5 feet, let alone actually in the hoop. Good grief. That's something you don't see everyday, that's for sure.

  4. OH WOW! Just noticed this. Without hitting play, look at the bottom of the screen.

    "Scores: 76ers 96, Nets 95 FINAL"

    That's funny. And remember, this is the YES broadcast!


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