Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pro Bowl Live Blog 2nd Half

We had that whole stage set up for one song? Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I'd have rathered listen to The Boss again.

After a piece on Ralph Wilson, Carney kicks it off to Washington who laterals it to Grififn who takes it all the way to the 40! A holding on the AFC though will move it back behind the 20. A gain of 4 by Jones. Collins passes it to Tony Gonzalez for a gain of 15 yards and a first down. Jones gets the carry and he picks up 6. Jones carries it for a couple yards. 3rd and 2 coming up. Kerry Collins misses Wes Welker and the AFC will punt it away. Smith fields the punt at the 7 and he takes it all the way to 29! Nice return of 23 by Smith.

Enrique Iglesias gets to perform at halftime while his father, Julio, prepares for the NFL Draft. (SSReporters)

I could actually imagine Julio in the NFL. I don't think the Post ever corrected that error, either. And on comes Eli Manning for the NFC. Let's see just how unstoppable he really is. Manning finds Boldin for a gain of 3. Michael Turner picks up a couple on his first carry of the game. Manning on 3rd and 4 finds Fitzgerald for a first down inside AFC territory!

Superman officially has a pair of Larry Fitzgerald underwear. Turner gets a yard. Manning is looking for Sellers but it's knocked away by Troy Polamalu

"Cardinals have not played with a lot of exposure over the past few years." - Al Michaels

Eww. Manning fakes the handoff, under pressure, and HE'S SACKED BY DWIGHT FREENEY! Peyton does not know who to cheer for now. Washington fields the punt at the 10 and gets to the 11 on a 1-yard punt return.

So that's why they've been running, Marty has been calling the plays! (SSReporters)

Marty can be just as bad as Andy, trust me. Brown catches Collins' pass for a gain of 4. Marshall makes the catch at the 29 for an AFC first down. Collins finds Gonzalez for big gain of 22! I'm smelling an MVP award for a certain Kansas City tight end. Wayne makes a catch for 6 yards. Ronnie Brown gets the carry for 9 yards and a first down.

From the NFC 38, Brown gets the handoff and a gain of 6 to the NFC 32. Collins pass is INTERCEPTED BY ANTOINE WINFIELD! Winfield gets 19 yards on the return to the NFC 30! That drive looked like it was going to get at least 3 points as well.

Interesting that NBC is playing a Fall Out Boy song that contains the lyircs "We will never believe again" to bump us to commercial.

Manning fires over the middle to Roddy White who makes a nice catch for a gain of 26 yards! Screen to Peterson and he makes several defenders miss while picking up 13 and a first down! And is it possible for Andy Reid to have a lead in the Pro Bowl? Manning airs it out to the endzone and IT'S PICKED OFF BY REVIS WHO MADE AN EXCELLENT ONE-HANDED GRAB!

Sorry for jinxing you there, Andy. Lynch picks up 3 on the carry. Collins drops back to pass and HE'S STRIPPED OF THE BALL BY JARED ALLEN WHO RECOVERS THE FUMBLE AND TAKES IT INSIDE THE 10!

Peterson takes the handoff AND HE BURSTS THROUGH THE DEFENSE ON HIS WAY TO THE ENDZONE! TOUCHDOWN NFC! The extra point by Carney is good and the NFC leads for the first time today, 17-14.

Andy Reid's winning a Pro Bowl! Andy Reid's winning a Pro Bowl! Is this the Apocalypse?

And can I just say how Adrian Peterson made a bunch of NFL all-stars look like high school students on that touchdown run? Leon Washington once again laterals the kickoff return to Michael Griffin who goes backwards and ends up at the 13. That play will now be written into Andy Reid's playbook.

Collins FUMBLES THE BALL AGAIN! But this time it's recovered by Marshall at the AFC 5, but nonetheless a loss of 8 yards. Justin Tuck jumps offside. Collins misses Andre Johnson on the pass and it's 3rd and 13 for the AFC.

Collins has his arm batted on that 3rd down pass and the ball wobbles as it falls incomplete. Lechler to punt it away with Smith to return it. Lechler booms one that's taken by Smith to the NFC 35. A 60-some yard boot, impressive on the part of Shane Lechler. And if you're Al Davis, it's very sad knowing that you're only consistent Pro Bowler is your punter.

"Look at the moves inside the hole." - Collinsworth (SSReporters)

Manning misses Jason Witten on the pass. And T.O. is now angry because Manning talked about plays with him. NOW IT'S MANNING FUMBLING THE BALL! Adrian Peterson recovers though and takes the loss of 7.

3 down and 1 to go in the Pro Bowl, 17-14 NFC.

Ah yes, it's always intersting to see what these players will do for an additional $22,500. False start on the NFC and it's now 3rd and forever. Manning finds Smith for a big gain of 17, but it's not enough for the first down.

And yay, we can have overtime! This will confuse Andy Reid greatly if we end up at that point. The punt is taken by Washington at the 11, and I suspect we'll see Jay Cutler for the first time today. And it looks like I'm right, on comes Cutler. Handoff to Washington who scampers for a big gain of 20 yards! Cutler swings it to Welker for a gain of 3. Cutler finds Andre Johnson over the middle for a gain of 11 and a first down.

Message to Andy Reid: TRADE FOR ANQUAN BOLDIN!

Lynch gets a couple yards on the catch. Cutler misfires on 2nd down and it's now 3rd and 8 for the AFC. Cutler rolls out and he finds Reggie Wayne who makes a great catch around 2 defenders for a first down inside NFC territory! Ronnie Brown rumbles to the 32 and with a gain of 8. Cutler swings it to fellow Bronco Brandon Marshall who for no gain. 3rd and 3 and Marshawn Lynch EXPLODES THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF A DEFENSE! Gain of 17 and a first down at the NFC 16. Lynch gets the carry and a gain of 3. Ronnie Brown takes the carry and gains 8 yards for a first down at the NFC 5-yard line!

1st and goal, Cutler throws the fade to Marshall who makes the catch in the endzone, but they rule it out of bounds! And it looks like they got the call right, although it really does not matter because there is no replay in the Pro Bowl. It's now 2nd and goal. And the AFC run a MODIFIED FUMBLEROOSKI THAT ENDS UP WITH LE'RON MCLAIN TAKING IT INTO THE ENDZONE FOR A TOUCHDOWN! The extra point is good and the AFC have taken the lead back, 21-17.

The fumblerooski.....unbelieveable. Clifton Smith with a huge kickoff return! All the way to the AFC 46-yard line! Manning hands it off to Portis who takes it inside the 45. Manning under pressure gets it off but it's dropped by Witten. 3rd and 8 coming up for the AFC. Manning fires to a wide open Anquan Boldin! 1st down for the NFC at the AFC 20! (TRADE FOR ANQUAN BOLDIN!)

A late unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the AFC for illegal defense will be tacked on and the ball will be placed at the 10. Smith makes a catch at the 5 and he takes it to the 3. Well, it may be the Pro Bowl, but it has gotten a bit interesting. 2nd and goal coming up.

Eli Manning hands it off to Mike Sellers who makes it to the 1. 3rd and goal. Fade to Fitzgerald? YES! TOUCHDOWN NFC! Carney's PAT is good and with 4:03 to go, the NFC lead the AFC 24-21.

Forget the Pro Bowl, why don't we all watch 3-hours of Hula dancing? Carney's kick goes into the endzone for the touchback. Cutler throws for Gonzalez and he makes the catch at the 27. Lynch pushes the pile for a first down. Wow, Andy Reid has not wasted a timeout yet. That's an incredible feat for him.

Cutler tries to air it our for Gonzalez but it ends up out of bounds. Cutler finds Welker for a gain of 12 and a first down at the AFC 45. Ronnie Brown takes it up the middle for a gain of 4. Cutler's pass is TIPPED AND INTERCEPTED BY JULIUS PEPPERS! That may have wrapped it up as he takes it to the AFC 31!

Manning hands it to Peterson who gets a yard. Timeout AFC. REID'S GOING FOR THE WIN!.......AND MANNING OVERTHROWS FITZGERALD! FIRE ANDY REID! Manning misses Peterson who, if this was not the Pro Bowl, would have been KTFO (Passing in a 4-minute situation.....FIRE ANDY REID!). Carney comes in to attempt a 48-yard field goal. It's UP......AND GOOD! 27-21 NFC.

Leon Washington may have just had the most exhillerating kickoff return to ever only make it to the 15-yard line. Here comes Cutler to lead a potential game-winning drive with 1:55 to go. Going bold....

Jay Cutler looks for Brandon Marshall on the pass but he can't come up with it. Cutler heaves one over the head of Gonzalez and it's 3rd down. 1:44 to go. Cutler under pressure and he fires it into the dirt! 4th down coming up! Here we go, 4th and Pro Bowl. Can the AFC mount a comeback? Will the NFC hang on? Let's find out. Cutler launches one OVER THE MIDDLE THAT MISSES TONY GONZALEZ AND THE NFC WILL TAKE OVER!

AFC does have 2-timeouts to work with. Manning takes a knee and the AFC calls timeout. Manning hands it off to Peterson who bounces to the outside and stays inbounds for a gain of 9! Timeout NFC with 42 seconds to go. 3rd and 1. Peterson falls down on the carry and can't get the first down. Timeout NFC. On will come John Carney to try and cement this one for the NFC. From 26-yards out, John Carney's kick is GOOD! 30-21 NFC.

And the AFC is trying the lateral on the kickoff again and it back fires again. Washington gets taken down at the 15. AND THAT'S IT! The AFC will just take a knee and concede the additional $22,500 to the NFC. 30-21 the NFC defeats the AFC in the 2009 Pro Bowl. Thanks you for joining me for this live blog, I hope this game did not bore you too much, and I'll see you around.

Villanova-Marquette live blog this Tuesday at 7:30 PM EST, I hope to see you there!


  1. Enrique Iglesias gets to perform at halftime while his father, Julio, prepares for the NFL Draft.

  2. I really wish that they would play the Pro Bowl in the middle of the season like every other league does, just so I could care.

    In the process, Pro Bowl rules must include allowing team celebrations and banning punting.

  3. So that's why they've been running, Marty has been calling the plays!

  4. This is completely unrelated to the game, but I'd like to see more posts from you on firing Andy Reid. ;-)


    I have huge hopes for this off-season though. So if they don't sign and/or trade for T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Anquan Boldin, Julius Peppers, Tony Gonzalez, or someone else big and then draft Beanie Wells, I'll be really mad.

  6. "Look at the moves inside the hole." - Collinsworth


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