Monday, February 16, 2009

Fred Taylor Has Been Released

Some slightly surprising news coming out of Jacksonville today, and that is they released their veteran running back, Fred Taylor, thus turning the reigns of that offense of the dynamic Maurice Jones-Drew. From NBC Sports via the Associated Press.

The Jaguars released Taylor on Monday, parting ways with their all-time leading rusher after 11 seasons and continuing the team’s offseason makeover.

Coach Jack Del Rio flew to Fort Lauderdale earlier Monday to meet with Taylor and deliver the news. Del Rio made it clear the team has no plans to re-sign Taylor, who turned 33 last month and was scheduled to make $6 million next season.

“We felt like the best thing for this football team is what it has to be about,” Del Rio said. “We feel good about the talented group of backs that we have ... and as you work through it, it’s difficult to come up with a role that’s going to be acceptable for everybody.

“It makes it awkward. It makes it difficult. We came to an agreement on what the best course of action was as a football team.”
In the end, the Jaguars are a team in disarray and are clearly struggling to find an identity. They had it 2-years ago, but then they went all Jerry Jones and signed big names Joey Porter and Drayton Florence and it completely backfired in their face. As far as I see it, they are the worst team in the AFC South and Jack Del Rio is going to have his head on the chopping block real soon.

As far as Taylor goes, there is a part of me that would like to see him sign with the Eagles and another that has seen this happen before and completely backfire in the Eagles' face. Instead of chancing that Beanie Wells falls to you, Fred Taylor would be a great way to sure up a power runner to compliment Westbrook. But at the same time, Fred Taylor is 33-years old and one has to wonder, does he still have it in him to be a force running the ball up the middle, or will he just end up like Lorenzo Booker did for the Eagles. What's that, you say? Lorenzo Booker was an Eagle? As a matter of fact, he was, brought in to do some power running, only no one really noticed him because not only was he seldom used, he was even more seldom effective.

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  1. Joey Porter was a head case while in Okland, and Jacksonville found that out the hard way.


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