Thursday, May 28, 2009

22-Year Old Darren Helm Will Remember This For The Rest Of His Life

Before we get to Helm though, I would be remiss if I did not post this video of the pheneomenal save made by Cristobal Huet. 20 seconds left in regulation and Franzen has a chance to be the hero......

Dis Bonjour a mon ami! What a save by Huet and my deepest apologies for ruining a classic movie line with that French translation. But on to the moment. Darren Helm in overtime gives us the rematch we've all been dreading....

Just an incredibly exciting game and an incredible ending. Darren Helm.....who saw that one coming? And a tip of the hat to the Blackhawks, though, that was an incredible game and while it is certainly not to say that Detroit was not deserving, but the Blackhawks proved themselves to be a very deserving team in this game and in this series, despite the Game 4 blowout.

And yes, I am aware that the Stanley Cup Finals schedule is up and no, I do not like the schedule. I am hoping that any and all press releases will be released tomorrow so that I can fill in any and all gaps in the schedule before posting it. We already know that Doc and Edzo will work for NBC/Versus and Hughson and Simpson will do the series for CBC, but I am waiting for sideline reporters and inside the glass to be officially announced as that could change (i.e. is NBC going to emply Harwood to sideline report even though Pierre will be inside the glass?). Plus the time for Game 2 has not been announced. But just as a preliminary before I create the whole shabang tomorrow here are your game dates in case you have not seen it plus angry commentary on the schedule from yours truly (all times except the unknown Game 2 are 8 ET)

Game 1: May 30 (this is more of a personal matter, but seeing as I planned on live blogging the whole series, I probably won't be around Saturday night; oh yeah, potential Game 6 interference from Cavs-Magic Yay, channel flipping).
Game 2: May 31 (potential game 7 interference from Nuggets-Lakers; channel flipping)
Game 3: June 2
Game 4: June 4 (NBA Finals...hello! I guess I'll be channel flipping or something...)
Game 5: June 6
Game 6: June 9 (more NBA conflict. More channel flipping.)
Game 7: June 12 (I can't believe that Bettman would actually schedule a potential Game 7 on a Friday night in June!!! Does he want the NHL to fail???)

Just sad and pathetic on so many levels. And despite the fact that last year's series was entertaining, the fact that it seems like people are less than giddy about the rematch and that there is all this NBA conflict, this could be a really bad end to what has been the NHL's best season post lockout. I'll have more tomorrow on the schedule and the broadcast info when all other information should become official.

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