Saturday, May 30, 2009

NHL Playoffs Day 38 And NBA Playoffs Day 39 Live Blog

Tonight's games....

Game 1: Pittsburgh @ Detroit 8:00 (NBC - Mike Emrick and Ed Olczyk, ItG: Pierre McGuire) (CBC - Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson, SR: Elliotte Friedman and Scott Oake) (RDS)

Game 6: Cleveland @ Orlando 8:30 (TNT - Marv Albert and Doug Collins, SR: Craig Sager)

If you choose to take over the live blog, you can watch and blog on whatever you game you want. Enjoy the game (and hopefully the blog) and I'll talk to you later tonight (I'd be shocked if it's after 10:15 PM ET).

Update: It works!!! If they are around tonight, 49er16, Mookie, and/or JamesCraven can take over the live blog from standby mode even if I am not around. As just said above, I have a strong estimate that my return time will be between 10 and 10:15 (I'm seeing a 7:35 showing of Angels & Demons with friends). I will talk to you then!


  1. I got home 30 minutes ago, and I wanted to try to clear some things after thumbing through the live-blog:

    1) I missed the hockey game (although to be fair, I haven't watched much hockey since the lockout nor attended a Red Wings playoff game since '04)
    2) JFein is probably right about "Fake Twitter" being Nathan Brice; Faux Twitter (formerly SDSG/Shawn Kemp) regularly comments on AA, but I might have some second thoughts after seeing this about Diddy...
    3) I'm gonna RSVP for wherever the live-blog is for the NBA Finals Thursday right now (the Bahston-Tigers game is a day game)

  2. Sounds good, RJBO. The live blog will be here so you can either come as a commenter or send me an email so I can get your address and I can send you a CiL panelist invite. I look forward to having you as your comments always crack me up.

    I know that you're probably not interested, but I am doing hockey live blogs tomorrow and Tuesday (and Thursday will be a constant channel flipping delight thanks to Bettman and his idiocy).

    And if you do choose to email me, don't worry, I won't sell your email address to the people that operate the British lottery that I'm sure half of America has won by this point.



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