Friday, May 22, 2009

The Red Wings And Blackhawks Do Not Care That Martin Havlat Is Unconscious

This is the ultimate video of adding insult to injury. Pay attention to the knocked out body of Martin Havlat as the Blackhawks and Red Wings converge on the scene and start fighting.

Ouch. Kromwall was (unrightfully so) ejected from the game. Hell, that was probably not even a penalty and definitley not interference. The puck was right there. As mentioned by Doc and Edzo on the Versus broadcast, it was a violent hit, but it was neither dirty nor a penalty. Seeing as it is apparent that he is all right, it is safe to say that Havlat did somewhat deserve that as it was a cheap and dirty hit back when he was a Senator that in the following meeting between the two teams led to the infamous Friday Night Fights incident between the Senators and the Flyers.

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