Sunday, May 10, 2009

The NBA Playoffs: Where Big Baby Davis With A Game-Winning, Series Tying Jump Shot Happens

I'm pretty that this video speaks for itself.

Just an incredible finish and an incredible shot by one of the most unlikely of players to take that shot. When I saw that Davis was taking that jumper I thought for sure that the Orlando Magic were one game away from the conference finals but low and behold, it went in and the Celtics have tied the series. Unbelieveable!

Meanwhile to wrap up the day in hockey news, all 4 series are going to a Game 6! Now that's amazing! I wonder if there has ever been a conference semifinals in any sport where all 4 games have gone into a Game 7. Now if that happens, that would truly be amazing. And us viewers we would be screwed up the ass because in its infinite wisdom, the NHL has scheduled 3 of those potential Game 7s on the same day (Carolina-Boston, Vancouver-Chicago, and Detroit-Anaheim on the 14th with Caps-Pens on the 13th).

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