Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Doug Collins To The Sixers?

Well it looks like the Eagles might be interested in a candidate who is very familiar to people who saw the epic Bulls-Celtics series (and other NBA games on TNT). It's none other than Captain Obvious Doug Collins!From

Collins was among a list of candidates floated to replace Tony DiLeo, who stepped down on Monday and returned to the front office.

"They know, I've talked to them like two or three times, they know what I've said," Collins said on Tuesday night from Los Angeles. "Whatever they want to do, they know where I am if they want to call."

After a 9-14 start under Maurice Cheeks, DiLeo replaced him on an interim basis. Philadelphia went 32-27 under DiLeo and made the playoffs.

Collins is 332-287 in a coaching career that includes stops with Chicago, Detroit and Washington. He hasn't coached since the 2002-03 season with the Wizards.
This team needs someone who is experienced and while I will admit to knowing very little about NBA coaches or how good of a fit Doug Collins is, anything is better than DiLeo who seemingly from all accounts I've heard from people who do watch the Sixers, was pretty much uneffective as a coach and it was one of those situations where the players were more on top of things than he was. I'd certainly be interested in seeing how Collins can change things up. I have good feelings about this move, then again, I would have a good feeling about a chimpanzee taking over the job mainly because anything is better than what the Sixers had under DiLeo. Yeah, I'd like to see this. Besides, the fact that I actually know who he is also gets me excited over it and something that I could watch and get into more than if they brought in someone I never heard of before.

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  1. I was never the biggest Doug Collins fan, but he is great with young teams.


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