Sunday, May 17, 2009

Putting On A Tarp Is Hard

The Phillies have had known exploits before when it comes to putting the tarp on the field in a rain delay such as the now famous aiding of the Colorado Rockies grounds crew put the tarp over Coors Field, but I'm pretty sure that as far as hilarity goes, this one takes the cake. The Phillies apparently harbor some rather hostilities toward their division rival Washington Nationals as they did not help them here as hilarity ensued when the skies just opened up out of nowhere and started pouring down rain in Nationals Park.

Hilarious!!! I don't think I've ever seen them have to re-roll up the tarp like that before. Too funny. And of all teams, it had to happen to the Washington Natinals Nationals, the team that pretty much has been the punchline of Major League Baseball this year.

As far as the game went, the game never resumed, so the Phillies were credited with the 7-5 win as the rain came in the 6th and they had already played 5 innings, which is enough for an official game, if such a situation arises and the game can't be completed. And yes, there is an irony to the fact that the game that was intended to make up for last month's postponement by rain ended with rain...

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