Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reviewing The Announcers For The 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs

I don't think I am about to post anything outside of consensus online opinion (NBA will be different), but seeing as I saw ample amount of broadcasts from Versus, NBC, TSN, and CBC, I figured why not type up an announcing review. I am more or less going to focus on individual announcers rather than teams seeing as for the 1st 2 rounds of the playoffs Versus shuffled their announcers around and never had a constant team. PbP guys are first and analysts are second (who cares about sideline reporters?). As always feel free to disagree in the comments section.

Mike Emrick: Mike "Doc" Emrick is the fricken man! He is enthusiastic and he legitimately cares about the game of hockey and that comes across ever so clear during his broadcasts. His calls at the end of last night's game 5 were epic and the Red Wings fans that watched that definitley were not let down by an announcer ruining their moment. And it was not just last night. Doc has been solid all playoffs and this is actually the first Stanley Cup Playoffs where I have not missed Gary Thorne, who is one of my favorites.

Jim Hughson: While I enjoyed what I saw of Hughson, I must say that Doc Emrick's call trumped Hughson's call of the last goal by a mile (I could not find Doc's call last night so that's why I posted Hughson's). On the plus side, Hockey Night In Canada is in good hands with him as the lead announcer and Craig Simpson as the analyst.

Gord Miller: Gord Miller has a tendency to try too hard and sometimes his excitement can come off as manufactured and not as authentic as someone like Doc Emrick. However, it seems like that only applies in the middle of the game. When the game is on the line and a dramatic moment happens (i.e. Scott Walker in Game 7 vs. the Bruins), Gord is right on point and was for the most point very enjoyable to listen to call games.

Joe Beninati: OMG.....Where do I start with Beninati? The guy talks over games, has bad jokes, has no knowledge of 21st century English, has a horrible sense of fashion as evidenced by the 4 hideous suit jacket, shirt, and tie combinations he had over the course of this series, and is the flat out epitome of awful announcing. If he can just permanently leave my television, I would be quite happy. And if Versus really wanted to make me giddy, they would somehow bring over Gary Thorne from ESPN to replace Beninati as the 2nd PbP guy behind Doc Emrick. I'd miss Throne on the Little League World Series, but in the end, it would be worth it.

Bob Cole: See Dick Stockton and Dick Enberg. Old man must retire.

Daryl Reaugh: Razor!!!!!!!! I had never heard this guy before this post season, and now I can't hear enough of him. He has a perfect blend of humor and insight and when he was paired with Doc Emrick for the Caps-Pens series, it was nothing but pure broadcasting magic. Finally there was someone who can keep up with Doc. Come on NBC, replace Edzo with Reaugh now!

Ed Olczyk: While he is not a bad analyst, the guy is simply forgettable. Often times in the hockey off-season I have to think for a second who the lead analyst is for NBC, and with me, someone who focuses a lot on announcers, that should never happen!!!!! And he just flat out can't keep up with Doc and it seems like such a drop off when he chimes in for thoughts and analysis with Doc Emrick doing PbP. Such a shame for he's not a bad talent per se, his partner is just too good for him.

Pierre McGuire: I think that you are either going to love Pierre or you are going to hate him. His insight can be really good at times and other times, he just comes across as a whiny douche bag who won't shut up.


  1. What about Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda :-)

  2. For local announcers, Hahn and Remenda were definitley decent. It was certainly better than Pat Foley and Edzo doing the Blackhawks broadcast that Versus showed twice during the conference semifinals.

  3. I love the CBC personally because they're like NBC in a way. The commentators can't be heard due to an increase in crowd volume. That's actually why I liked Hughson's call.

    I'd love to hear casual conversation involving several announcers....


    Mike Breen: COUNT THAT AND THE FOWL!!!! Chance for a three course meal!

    Dick Enberg: OH MY!!! This ice cream that they serve at Old Country Buffet is just marvelous!

    Breen: This is the buffet in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Dick.

    Joe Buck: Hey guys have I told you about my new show?

    Everyone in unison: Yes. About 550 times.


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