Monday, May 11, 2009

When Fighting In Hockey, One Should Not Daydream

I'm not exactly sure where Aaron Ward of the Boston Bruins was as he was about to fight with Scott Walker of the Carolina Hurricanes, but it certainly was not in the TD Banknorth Garden. Hell, Ward may not have even been on Planet Earth. And for it, he was literally Knocked The Fuck Out by Scott Walker. Here's the video for your enjoyment.

I feel like a mean-spirited person for laughing at that, but I can't help but to laugh while watching that. Did he not see Walker with the gloves off? He must have thought that instead of fighting they were at a dance hall and were about to tango or something. And afterwards he may have felt that way too. It's like "Hey honey, let's dance!" and then BAM!!! Down goes Ward!! It's can be a common occurance at dances. Really. It can.

In all seriousness though, Ward would ultimately be given pretty much every penalty in the book for what happened (5 for fighting, 2 for instigating, and a 10-minute misconduct along with whatever else the NHL decides to hand out). But come on, should a guy be punished for another man's daydream?

Scott Walker apparently does not follow "Queensbury Rules" (Puck Daddy)

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