Thursday, May 14, 2009

NHL Playoffs Day 28 Live Blog

I'm going to do this anyway even though I will most likely be in and out for the evening (including possibly missing the start). I was hoping to do one last night but I got home literally 5-minutes until game time and I had not eaten yet (and I was starving, btw) and there was no time to set up the blog. Plus add on top of that the fact that I was exhausted and there was just no flipping way it was happening. But it is tonight! So get your comments and your funny ready, it should be a heck of a night (well, on the bright side, it can't be worse than last night).

Tonight's games....

Game 7: Anaheim @ Detroit 7:00 (Versus - Dave Strader and Darren Eliot, SR: Lindsay Soto) (CBC - Bob Cole and Greg Millen, SR: Elliotte Friedman)

Game 7: Carolina @ Boston 8:00 (Versus - will JIP TSN broadcast) (TSN - Gord Miller, ItG: Pierre McGuire)

Enjoy the games and leave comments (unless you're a troll named Nathan and/or a "sports reporter" from Detroit and/or Boston!)

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