Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last Night Was Quite The Night For Ryan Howard And Austin Wood...

We were missing all of the action last night as we took in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals. That is not where the epic took place as that was reserved for Philadelphia and Austin, Texas where in Philly, Ryan Howard hit a triple decker grand slam and in Austin, well, if you have not heard about it already, you won't believe what happened there. First off, here's Ryan Howard being the 2nd person to ever hit a triple deck home run (and this a grand slam as well) in Citizens Bank Park (Howard was also the first).

But that video and that feat is easily topped by the performance by Austin Wood. Don't know who he is? Well, that should come as no surprise as he is a relief pitcher for the Texas Longhorns. So why am I documenting him here? Because last night he pitched 13 innings, which 12.5 of which he went without letting up a hit! Wait, he played 13 innings in relief??? Well that fact is easily explained by the fact that the Texas-BC game last night went 25 INNINGS!!!!! It was the longest game in NCAA history. The game started at 7:02 PM ET and ended at 2:05 in the morning. For those that are not math majors, that is 7 hours and 3 minutes! Wood's effort was not in vain, though, as in the top of the 25th inning, Travis Tucker hit an RBI single that would prove to be the difference in the game as the Longhorns would hold on in the bottom of the 25th and win it 3-2. Here's an interview with Austin Wood.

Just incredible. And if Boston College defeats Army later today (could you imagine playing one day after you played a 25-inning game) they would face Texas again tonight! Could you imagine that??? My best goes out to both teams for just an incredible effort and I have found the 2 horses I am pulling for in this year's College World Series. After the Syracuse-UConn 6 OT marathon,, I read a quote somewhere that I am about to paraphrase here as I don't recall where I read it was that I read it, but he said there are times amd games in sports where it is no longer just a game but more of a test of human will and endurance. And if that does not describe the performance of both teams, and in particular Austin Wood who had the night of his life and then some last night, then I don't know what can.

Texas tops Boston College in 25 innings (

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  1. "Because last night he pitched 13 innings, which 12.5 of which he went without letting up a hit! Wait, he played 13 innings in relief???"

    A pitcher named Wood being overextended? Impossible!

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