Friday, May 22, 2009

Reason #1567 Why The Colts Were Smart To Draft Peyton Manning And Not Ryan Leaf

It was long since established in 1999 that the Colts made the right choice by picking Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf, who was seen at the time of being someone that would have a very successful career in the NFL. But now, while Peyton Manning is a megastar and setting records for the Indianapolis Colts, Ryan Leaf will now experience life behind bars for indictments of drugs and burglary. From The Vancouver Sun:

The indictment charged the 33-year-old former San Diego Charger and former West Texas A&M quarterbacks coach with one count of burglary to a habitation, seven counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud and delivery of a simulated controlled substance.

Leaf is suspected of breaking into an apartment and stealing the painkiller Hydrocodone, which had been prescribed to an injured football player.

Leaf has been undergoing drug rehabilitation in British Columbia, the Amarillo Globe-News reported. Efforts are under way to try to convince Leaf to return to the United States on his own.
And to think that I almost feel bad for the guy. The key word there, of course, is almost. The guy just seemed like he was nothing but an egotistical, d-bag both as a Charger, with other teams, and after he left the league. It is a curious thought of how the NFL would be different if the Colts had choosed Leaf over Manning and the Chargers then decided to pick Peyton Manning....

And just as a warning for the weekend, things the number of posting over here will probably be a bit on the light side because a). it is Memorial Day Weekend and I do have stuff to do and people to hang out with, and b). because I am the fill-in blogger over at Keith's Sports Journal for the weekend, so often times, when I do post, I'll be posting over there. Be sure to check me out over there if you have not already. I'll continue to have open threads for the playoff games and will watch as much as possible, but do not expect an array of posting from me. It's Memorial Day Weekend! The unoffiicial start of summer! Get outside and enjoy the nice weather (although I'm more of a cold-weather person)!

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