Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Great Moments In Sports, #3

Tommy Salo feels Cam Ward's pain as we witness one of the greatest upsets in hockey history.

Touchdown USC!!!! Oh wait......(thanks to RJBO for reminding me of this).

Hat tip to anyone who can remind me just who that idiot announcer was. I've seen the Versus college football rosters through the years and I'm not familiar with all of them and I don't recognize the voice here so it is not the ones I am familiar with (Beninati and Papa). I used to know this but I forget (the analyst I can tell you is Kelly Stouffer, though).

Meet Mike Gundy. He's a man.

Just because I'm having problems finding some of the videos that I would like, I am narrowing the amount of vids in this section from 5 to 3. Sorry, but I'll be running out of videos at the pace I am at and the fact that it appears more and more old sports videos on YouTube disappear by the second...

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  1. Ron Thulin made that brutal call. Just as awful was Stouffer's "Jim going to go for the tie right here."


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