Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Stan Kroenke Should Be Arrested For Impersonating A Good Business Man"

Most of, if not all of you know about the conflict at the Pepsi Center on Monday, May 25 when WWE Raw and Game 4 of the Western Conference finals literally are scheduled at the exact same time at the same arena. And if you're an NBA fan and/or Nuggets fan, believe me, the last person and company you want an arena conflict with is Vince McMahon and the WWE. But that is what we have and Vince McMahon does not plan on just stepping aside from the NBA. Instead he went on ESPNEWS where he was interviewed by his old employee, Jonathan Coachman, and not only was he not afraid of taking jabs at Stan Kroenke, but he even challenged him to a steel cage match!

Hilarious!!! The Nuggets and the NBA are in quite the quandary and it should be real interesting to see how it all plays out, as Vince McMahon won't go down without a fight. What would be really hilarious is if there is no resolution and both companies and ticketholders of both shows show up at the same time and chaos ensues. Better yet, maybe Rey Mysterio could leap off the backboard and deliver a cross body to Chauncey Billups. That would be awesome!

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