Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WE HAVE A GAME 7!!!!!!!

What. A. Game. Either Versus is very stingy with their videos being put up on YouTube or no one has thought to put up Doc Emrick's call of the exciting finish to Game 6 (figures the one time you actually want a Versus video, it's non-existent). But alas, Gord Miller and Pierre McGuire (which is not too shabby in it of itself, but Doc is one of the best there is) from TSN will have to suffice for now.

The final 2 minutes of regulation. The game is tied at 4 and the Pens are on the power play.

Nothing would result from the last faceoff in front of VarlLAMov with 1.5 to go in regulation. So we head to OT and before we get to the game winner, here's an exciting sequence from minutes prior to said game-winner.

And now the moment we've all been waiting for. For this is the moment that sent this series into Game 7. Brooks Leich and Dave Steckel, the ice is yours....

Just epic. What a game and guess what? On Wednesday, we get to do this all over again! And in other NHL action last night, the Chicago Blackhawks advanced to the Western Conference semifinals by winning the NHL All-Star game Game 6 of their series with Vancouver by a score of 7-5 and winning the series 4 games to 2. They are the first of our NHL Final Four. Detroit and Carolina will have a chance to add themselves to that list if they can win tomorrow.

And do expect some sort of update to go along with this post. Even if it means putting up a pretty much redundant video of the highlights of the Caps-Pens video, there is no way that Doc's call of those epic moments at the end will not be embeded on this blog.

Update: Here's Doc!


  1. That was a great game! I love this series..

    *dreams about the Flyers*

  2. "*dreams about the Flyers*"

    You're not the only one. ;-)


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