Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vincent Kennedy McMahon Confronts Enos Stanley Kroenke

I'm pretty sure that we can consider the owner of the Denver Nuggets as The Man Formerly Known As Stan Kroenke. Thanks to the hilarity of Mr. McMahon, he may have people referring to him by his real first name for quite some time....

(Sorry about the odd video set up, it is not my doing and it is all I could find at this hour. The good part begins at the 2:53 mark in the first video and ends at the 2:53 mark in the 2nd video)

Enos!!!!!!!! From now on, the Denver Nuggets' owner will be referred to as Enos! ENOS!!!!! All I have to ask is what in the blue hell did his parents' smoke??? Say what you will about the WWE and how it's "fake" and "scripted", but the owner of the Denver Nuggets and Pepsi Center was thoroughly embarrassed, humiliated, and PWN3D by Vince McMahon and the WWE and it will certainly be awhile before he lives this one down.

Hopefully I will find a better video tomorrow. If I do, I will replace what is up here now with that one.

Oh and one last thing, hello David Stern!


  1. I'm pretty sure that wasn't really David Stern and Jerry Buss in the crowd. Daniel Stern would have been there, and Jerry Buss tends to wear Hawaiian shirts at Laker games.

  2. BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, I've seen enough WWE over the years to know it was not really him. I just thought that it was hilarious so I posted it.


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