Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chris Benoit's Doctor Is Going To Spend Some Time In Jail

I'm sure that everyone remembers the much talked about and publicized double-homicide suicide of former WWE Superstar Chris Benoit. And perhaps 2-years later, those affected by this tragedy (i.e. family and friends of the Benoits. WWE fans and the wrestling community as a whole) may finally have gotten a bit of closure today as the doctor who prescribed the illegal drugs to Chris Benoit believed to have led to his so-called "'roid rage" and to many other patients has been sentenced to 10-years in jail. From Yahoo! News.

The personal doctor to a professional wrestler who killed himself, his wife and their 7-year-old son was sentenced to 10 years in prison Tuesday for illegally prescribing painkillers and other drugs to patients.

Dr. Phil Astin, 54, had pleaded guilty Jan. 29 to a 175-count federal indictment that accused him of writing illegal prescriptions to known drug abusers, some of them for years. Prosecutors said at least two of Astin's patients died of drug overdose — a fact the judge said he could not overlook in handing down the sentence.

"I take full responsibility," Astin told U.S. District Judge Jack Camp during a sentencing hearing that lasted more than two hours. "I am sorry I hurt so many lives. I was thinking that I was looking after my patients."
The killing spree of Chris Benoit certainly stunned and shocked everyone at the time, especially seeing as if you look at all of the wrestlers that were around 2-years ago, he would not exactly have been the one that you would have pin-pointed and said that this was a steroid user and was taking illegal drugs behind everyone's back and was going to kill himself, his wife, and his kid. And while it is good to know that Dr. Astin is going to be spending some time in jail for his actions, it still does not get back the fact that Benoit, a great wrestler, will never be around again and that his reputation as such will forever be tarnished.

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  1. Couldn't agree more with the last paragraph, JFein.

    Benoit was one of my all-time favorite wrestlers. Then after these incidents, he would never be looked at the same.

    I am glad to see the good Dr. going to jail.


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