Monday, May 18, 2009

What Nearly Could Have Been One Of The Scariest Moments In Sports History

This could have easily been one of the worst moments the NHL has ever seen in its playoffs. If you get queazy easily, I suggest you look away.

The good news, not only was Adam Burish not injured, but he did not even miss a shift! A millimeter or so more and Adam Burish would most likely be in a hospital right more. From

"I don't know how I'm so darn lucky," Burish said. "It was centimeters, millimeters away from slicing (his throat)."

Eager said he had no idea he had nearly injured his linemate, but Burish could remember the whole thing.

"I don't know how my head is still connected here," he said. "I saw his skate -- it was like he did a figure skating move and kind of whipped his skate up. I just watched it go right into my neck."

Remarkably, not only was Burish not severely injured, he didn't need stitches and didn't miss a shift. After the game, there was almost no trace of the wound. Even after nearly suffering what could have been a life-altering injury, Burish wore a smile with his neat suit; he joked that his mother watching at home would probably be more upset than he was.

"Probably harder for my mom to shake if she was watching on TV," Burish said. "You just kind of forget about it."
Just an incredible stroke of luck for Adam Burish and a sigh of relief as we did not end up suffering the same fate that Richard Zednik suffered last year.

Video: Chicago's Adam Burish takes skate blade to the throat (Puck Daddy)

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