Tuesday, May 26, 2009

OMGWTF, Joe Beninati!

I don't think I have ever laughed out loud before as one of the hockey teams that I hate the most score what would turn out to be a game winning, series clinching goal, but that's exactly what happened tonight. Not only was this goal so soft that my grandmother could easily made the save even had her legs for some odd reason been shackled together, but when Daryl Reaugh used the phrase "OMG" to describe his disbelief at what he just saw, Joe Beninati was rather perplexed. Prepare for lolz.


I wonder what would have happened had Reaugh said "WTF" instead? Beninati may have ended up topping Eck from Friday night! And in the process may have gotten himself fired! Wait a minute!!!! Damn!!!! If only Reaugh had said, "WTF", this would have been the greatest day in NHL history!!!!!

Oh, and some advice to Beninati, please, do us all a favor, make a friend with someone who is under 30. He or she will help you a lot in life. Really.


  1. free of Beninati for 4 whole months!

  2. And Cam Ward joust lost his liquor license and he doesn't know wether to cry or wind his wristwatch.

    /Mike Lange'd


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