Sunday, May 24, 2009

Will The Real John Mayberry, Sr. Please Stand Up? (UPDATED WITH BETTER VIDEO!)

Aside from the fact that I utterly refuse to talk about Brad Lidge's 9th inning choke job that allowed the Yankees to win 5-4 in the bottom of the 9th, I have to share this video with you. The Phillies brought up John Mayberry, Jr. from the minor leagues and in his 2nd major league at bat, he hit a home run in Yankee Stadium. So naturally, seeing as his dad was a former major leaguer, Fox was eager to catch dear old Dad's reaction to his son's first homer. Perhaps they may have been too overeager, seeing as the person they thought was John Mayberr, Sr., wasn't exactly John Mayberry, Sr......(the payoff is a lot sooner in this version and not only is it better quality, but you get a lot more of the awkwardness afterwards which just absolutely killed me)! I was literally in tears cracking up at that! So, so funny! They had the wrong John Mayberry! And they showed this guy over and over again for a long time afterward as well! It was not a right away instant correction, this went on for what had to have been 20-25 minutes real time before Buck came on and said "Yeah, we got the wrong person".

Fox was not completely off here, the real John Mayberry, Sr. was in attendance at that game and he was eventually interviewed by Ken Rosenthal. And keeping with the theme of the comedy graphics over the situation, when they started the interview, the graphic read "The Real John Mayberry, Sr. We promise". Too funny!


  1. This John Mayberry Sr. scenario only happens when Matt Vasgersian moonlights for Fox in the production truck.

    "this may be the baseball video of the year thus far (topping Eck's "shit" from last night)"

    Eck's Justin "Masterbate" may actually have a hold on that title.

  2. That is certainly a night that Eck would like to forget...


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