Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We Now Return To Philadelphia's Favorite Soap Opera: As Andy Reid's Kids' World Turns

Not to diminish the societal importance and sadness of stuff like this, but this is about the most overhyped, overtalked about story in the Philadelphia media. It's the tragic story of Andy Reid and his kids and this little place called jail. Yep. We've got more news on the Reid kid front, if you will. Garrett Reid is going back to prison. Garrett had been staying in a halfway house, but just a little note to Garrett: if you want your life to improve, don't get into fights in said halfway house! Keith's Sports Journal has more.

We all know about the escapade's of the Reid boys. His son Britt Reid has also been charged with drug possession and with threatening another driver with a gun in a road rage incident. His other son Garrett Reid has a rap sheet longer than Mike Tyson's. Last May he pleaded guilty to smuggling drugs into his jail cell. And this was after he was arrested for an DUI. Well Garrett is back at it again.

Garrett Reid will be sent back to prison after he got into a fight at a halfway house. He has been staying at the halfway house as a court-ordered drug treatment.

When sentenced last year, the judge likened the Reid household to a "drug emporium".

We make fun of Andy Reid a lot, but this is some serious issues. Even a real nice guy like Tony Dungy lost his son to suicide. And Dungy is the last person in the world you would think, who would lose his son in such a matter.

Coaches in every sport work like machines. They work long hours with very few days off. You could see how their families would be neglected. I am not saying though this doesn't happened in houses where parents are with their children all the time. Because it does happen. And I am sure Andy and his wife have spent many sleepless nights worrying about their sons.
Garrett now finds himself in Gratersford Prison, which, believe me, is one of the worst prisons in the area. I know people who have visited clients in there so I have heard and learned all about Gratersford, and while Garrett Reid is not one (yet) that would be the jail you would go to if you committed murder in this area. And in a funny coincidence, the prison where he was kept before the Halfway House fight, Montgomery County Prison, is literally 5-minutes from my house (waits for people to Google Earth Montgomery County Prison and see the area where I live).

Sigh...let's hope that Andy Reid can sort out his personal matters, well, personally, and every other press conference question is not about Garrett like it was a few years ago. I do wish the best to Andy Reid and his family in dealing with these obviously tough times.

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  1. Send that kid to Pelican Bay in California for about a week, and he will never do drugs again.


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