Friday, May 22, 2009

Dennis Eckersly Really Should Not Try To Read Lips On-Air

Sometimes in the spur of the moment, when something happens we tend to read people's lips and we instantaneously repeat what we said. This is not a novel concept that we are dealing with here. But when such an occurance happens on air and the word uttered by Youk who just got hit with a pitch is "shit!" and Dennis Eckersly instantaneously repeats that on the air on NESN, the result is pure awkward hilarity!

Absolutely hilarious! It was not necessarily the fact that Eck said "shit" that made that video (although it was hilarious) it's the complete 25 seconds of awkwardness that followed where they did everything but say, "Oh shit! We're so screwed!". Too funny!

(Hat tip to mandb97 for pointing this out in the comments section at AA)


  1. The last time Eck heard an awkward silence after cussing involved catching Indians teammate Rick Manning with his wife.

  2. "I can read lips and I know that he is definately not praying."


    "Gianluca Pagliuca."

    Three guesses where they came from (first two don't count) and you win a cookie.

  3. Keith Olbermann on SportsCenter?


  4. DING! We have a winner. BTW, since ManCow admitted that wterboarding IS torture nd he feared fo his life, are you still sticking to the call on surrendering the interwebs for two weeks?

  5. Nope. The deal only applies to Hannity.

    "If Sean Hannity goes through with his promise and allows himself to be waterboarded with some documentation other than word of mouth that it happened, I will stop blogging and commenting on all blogs for a week. And if Sean Hannity admits that waterboarding is torture and/or that he feared for his life, I will make it 2 weeks without blogging and commenting on others' blogs."


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