Thursday, May 7, 2009

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun; Two Overtime Games Are Better Than One!

Sorry for the corny title. So sorry. But alas, it is true. The NHL Playoffs just continues to get better and better! And there are games that when you watch them, it just feels like you're watching an instant classic, even if the game may not have reached that level yet, some games just have that feeling. And tonight's Caps-Penguins game had that feeling to it all day long. Now whether or not it will be called an instant classic is for time to tell, but it went to overtime where Chris Letang buried it home to trim the series lead to two to one for the Capitals.

While I am pulling for the Capitals to humiliate the Penguins as much as possible and finish this off as quick as possible, I really want to see this one go seven games. Of course, I want to see the Caps win it in that 7th game (despite how I feel about their fans, who are in my top 3 for least favorite fan bases in the NHL; for reasons of hatred, see their classlessness at the end of the Flyers-Caps Game 7 after the Flyers beat them in OT) but damn, could we like maybe have that game go 5 overtimes or something, just so I can take it all in before the Pens finally lose (and besides, that may break their heart more than a sweep would). This series has been every bit as great as it has been billed to be.

However, that Letang goal was not the end of the night! We had overtime in Carolina and here's how that one ended. Cue Mr. Clutch himself, Jussi Jokinen!

Absolutely unbelieveable! And you can hear the disdain in Jack Edwards' voice as he is calling the Jokinen goal. Classic! And if the name Jussi Jokinen sounds a bit familiar, well, it should. This is the same Jussi Jokinen who did this.....

And this......(Jussi Jokinen is the tying goal, FYI)

Far be it for me to nominate anyone or put anyone in this position, but methinks that Jussi Jokinen ought to receive early consideration for the Conn Smythe trophy. Just incredible!

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