Monday, May 4, 2009

NBA Playoffs Day 17 Open Thread

Tonight's games....

Game 1: Orlando @ Boston 8:00 (TNT - Marv Albert and Reggie Miller, SR: David Aldridge)

Game 1: Houston @ Los Angeles 10:30 (TNT - Kevin Harlan and Doug Collins, SR: Craig Sager)

Enjoy the games and leave comments!


  1. Magic are wiping out Boston 51-36 with 37 seconds left in the half.

  2. Orlando is killing Boston in this game. The Celtics are showing fatige.

  3. Yeah, I'm not surprised. The same thing would be happening to the Bulls. Celtics will come back and make this a series before them or the Magic are literally fed to the far superior Cavs.

  4. after a Lakers player comes barrelling into the courtside camerman:

    Harlan(during the replay):"did you see me coach, I was protecting you?!"

    Collins: "you were protecting your notes"

  5. Harlan:"look at Brooks school the professor"

    and Yao's injured. again.

  6. Doug Collins keeps repeating that "this game's not over," did Stern slip him the script during the last commercial?

  7. Houston wins Game 1 in LA 100-92! Should be a fantastic game 2 Wednesday. As always, major thanks to JFein for providing these threads!


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