Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Schedule For The 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup

Most of this information has been known for quite some time now, but seeing as SSR posted it today and I've been comtemplating posting it for quite some time, I figured why not do it today. The teams that qualify for this tournament are the 2010 World Cup host nation (South Africa), the winners of the 6 recently played, and the winner of the 2006 World Cup (Italy). So here are your groups and here is your schedule. And once TV and announcer information is known, instead of writing new posts, I will just expand upon this post like I have been doing for the NHL and the NBA and the FIFA World Cup qualifying (which resumes June 3 with the U.S. taking on Costa Rica).

Group A
Spain - 9 points
South Africa - 4 points
Iraq - 2 points
New Zealand - 1 point

Group A Schedule (all times eastern)

June 14
South Africa vs. Iraq 0-0 (Johannesburg)
New Zealand vs. Spain 0-5 (Rustenburg)

June 17
Spain vs. Iraq 1-0 (Bloemfontein)
South Africa vs. New Zealand 2-0 (Rustenburg)

June 20
Iraq vs. New Zealand 0-0 (Johannesburg)
Spain vs. South Africa 2-0 (Bloemfontein)

Group B
Brazil - 6 points
United States - 3 points
Italy - 3 points
Egypt - 3 points

Group B Schedule (all times eastern)

June 15
Brazil vs. Egypt 4-3 (Bloemfontein)
United States vs. Italy 1-3 (Pretoria)

June 18
United States vs. Brazil 0-3 (Pretoria)
Egypt vs. Italy 1-0 (Johannesburg)

June 21
Italy vs. Brazil 0-3 (Pretoria)
Egypt vs. United States 0-3 (Rustenburg)

Elimination Round (Top 2 in each group advance).

June 24
1st Semifinal: Spain vs. United States 0-2 (Bloemfontein)
June 25
2nd Semifinal: Brazil vs. South Africa 1-0 (Johannesburg)

June 28
Third Place Game: Spain vs. South Africa 3-2 F/OT (Rustenburg)
Championship Game: United States vs. Brazil 2-3 (Johannesburg)

I'll have updates as more info becomes and this will be the post for updated standings once the tournament gets underway. These soccer tournaments come at a great time because it gives me something to watch during the day during my summer break. It also does not hurt that the United States is in it, and while some of the teams are rather less than compelling (i.e. Iraq, Egypt, and New Zealand), it still should be a blast to watch!

Your 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup Schedule and Your Partial FIFA Confederations Cup TV Schedule (Stupid Sideline Reporters)

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  1. Where do you think the best location would be to watch the Confederation Cup final this Sunday? (US vs Brasil).. It looks like a Phillies game is going on around 1 pm, and the Cup is to go on around 2 PM..ugh.. Maybe Fado..but I really loathe that place! Email me if you know of any other locations -



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