Friday, May 8, 2009

Eddie George Is Not Much Of A Fan Of The Wildlife In The Brazilian Highlands

Seeing as I'm probably the only one here that watches Survivor, I'm going to have to set this up for you. Eddie George's wife, Taj, is currently a contestant on Survivor. Last night's episode was the "loved ones" episode, where a family member or friend of the survivors come and visit them for a day or so. And seeing as Taj is still in the game, CBS flew down her husband, former NFL running back and Ohio State star, Eddie George. And as seen in this bonus scene from, Eddie George does not exactly embrace the wildlife in the Tocantins.

Too funny! Especially seeing as you'd think Eddie George is this big, bad football player who would not be scared of wildlife. And while you would not be able to tell it by watching him attempt to analyze college football on the BCS pre-game shows, Eddie George is still pretty well build and he looks like that he could get back on the football field and play any day now.

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