Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Flyers Interested In Ray Emery???

The Flyers are known as an aggressive hockey team and them and their fans are pretty much hated by everyone in the NHL. However the Flyers may take the aggressiveness to a whole new level, by signing perhaps the most aggressive, physical, problem-causing big-name goalie out there in Ray Emery. Via ALL THINGS PHILLY SPORTS.

While common sense would point to the Flyers re-signing Biron and allowing recently signed Johan Backlund be the back-up when Niittymaki signs elsewhere, apparently the Flyers are looking at other options. Rumors have surfaced that the Flyers have had discussions with hothead goaltender Ray Emery, formerly of the Ottawa Senators, with the idea of bringing him in as the starting goaltender. Emery did lead the Senators to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2007, but has since been basically banished to the KHL, a Russian League, after Ottawa waived him for poor play and bad off-ice behavior in 2008. Emery did have a stellar season in the KHL, putting up a 22-8 record and a sparkling 2.12 goals against average, and by all reports his behavior has improved. Still, how can the Flyers be seriously considering handing this guy the keys to the net?
I have to agree with ATPS on this one. While he may have a solid upside and may be a slight upgrade, his downside his so much that it may end up being one of those Dan Carcillo-esque moves. The downside is so much that the fact that he may be just a tad better than Marty Biron who has shown time and time again that he is all about the team and has not caused trouble once. Ever since Ron Hextall retired, the Flyers, a team that had always had consistency between the pipes with the likes of the great Bernie Parent, Pelle Lindbergh who was a young goalie in the 80s that was considered to be the next Bernie Parent until his life was taken from him way too soon in a car crash, and the aforementioned Ron Hextall, have had inconsistency between the pipes at best and no one has ever really lasted in Philadelphia for more than a few years. Since his retirement in 1999, the goalies that have more or less been featured by the Flyers include John Vanbiesbrouck, Brian Boucher, Roman Cechmanek, Robert Esche, Anterro Nittymaki, Jeff Hackett, Sean Burke, and Martin Biron. And perhaps most amazing of all, is that in the seasons played in this time frame, the Flyers have only missed the playoffs once. Meanwhile for comparisons sake with the goalies, the New Jersey Devils have had Martin Brodeur for that entire timeframe!

While I am not necessarily saying that Martin Biron can't become a Flyers staple if he can play on a consistent level (he's the best thing they have going for them), I'm just saying that Ray Emery is definitley not the guy and he is not their long-time solution to a problem that has lasted for 10 years. As mentioned, he is someone who is selfish, problem-causing, and out for himself. And say what you will about the nature of the Flyers and their fans, the Flyers themselves are a team that is united with little to no in-fighting and Emery just does not fit their mold.

And just as a little P.S., seeing as before the lockout, I watched hockey as much if not even more than the NFL, I am well-versed in past Flyers goalie fails. ;-)


  1. What? You didn't like Brian Boucher behind goal?:p

  2. I can remember having nightmares about some of those former Flyer goalies...


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