Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Guess I Should Explain To My Loyal Readers The Deal For The Next Few Months

Seeing as I'm sure you have bigger and better things to do than read about what's going on in the life of a faceless blogger you have never personally met, I'll make this as quick and as painless as possible. Basically, for those that do not already know, I am on summer break, which means that I am no longer in Bloomsburg, but rather back home in suburban Philadelphia.

I guess I should explain a couple things about this. There will be days this summer where basically I might sit in front of the computer and blog all day long and there will be others where I may not even be on a computer until 7 PM ET at night (i.e. the days that I work; and that will generally be twice a week). It's unlike college where I can just throw a paper or an assignment aside for a couple hours and do a quick live blog or post some hilarious story that I found or something (believe it or not, blogging from college is easier than blogging from home where I live with my parents).

And also, the internet where I am is not necessarily the greatest. There will be days and times where it works beautifully (like right now) and other days where I just will not be able to get the wireless internet for the life of me, in which case I'll have to use the family computer which is hooked up and there is no TV in the room so I won't be able to do any live blogs on those days (I'll try to alert you if I'm having internet problems on potential live blog days, but it can honestly go out at anytime and stay that way for a day or 2).

So, now that you have read way TMI about me and my life, I have contemplated throwing a picture of me up so that way you can actually see what I look like, but alas, I'll choose to remain faceless (for now, at least).

And one last thing, sometime in July, I will be going on vacation. I will be sending my loyal readers whose e-mail address I have an email once the time gets closer and I've actually memorized the dates and I'll probably have you guys split up the days, seeing as I'm going to be gone for a while and I do not want to burden any of you too much with a second blog and you can expect said email in a month or so.



  2. if i can help you w/ the blog on your vacation, let me know


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