Friday, May 1, 2009

I Submit To You Last-Minute Game-Winning Goal Version 4.0 (Plus I Finally Put Up The Video From Last Night's Celtics-Bulls Game 6 Instant Classic)

While the Bulls and Celtics may be having one of the greatest playoff series in recent memory, the rest of the NBA Playoffs has been lackluster and full of blowouts and predictable series. Meanwhile, from top to bottom, the NHL has been having what may be overall one of the greatest playoffs we have ever seen. And as evidenced, here is an NHL record 4th game-winning goal in the last minute of the post season. Think about that....NHL Record 4th game-winning goal in the last minute....THIS IS GAME 1 OF THE CONFERENCE SEMIFINALS! Unbelieveable. Nick Lidstrom, the floor (or in this case, ice) is yours....

Just unbelieveable. And seeing as I kind of jipped my NBA fans earlier by posting the Zito video instead of the Bulls-Celtics video from last night, I'll post it here anyway. The reason I did not post the Bulls-Celtics vid was becasue I was more into looking into particulars that I wanted on here (Noah, the block by Rose, etc. and I was too lazy and in too much of a hurry to link over to AA). So while I have a "Crazy Finish" post up, I guess you can enjoy for the 100th time now, what is without a doubt the greatest NBA game I have ever seen. For highlights of the end of regulation, we turn to AA's video.

Well, that was exciting, wasn't it? Well, if you have the time, here is the 3rd overtime in it's entirety starting with the end of the 2nd OT. (The video has been spliced into 3 parts and for those curious, I just discovered this video as I was searching YouTube).

Triple OT Part 1 (7.6 to go in 2nd OT to 1:42 to go in 3rd OT)

Triple OT Part 2 (1:39 to go in 3rd OT to 28.3 to go in 3rd OT)

Triple OT Part 3 (28.3 to go to the end of the game)

Simply amazing.

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