Thursday, May 7, 2009

NHL Playoffs Day 22 Open Thread

Tonight's games....

Game 4: Vancouver @ Chicago 8:00 (Versus - Joe Beninati and Ed Olczyk, SR: Billy Jaffe) (CBC - Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson, SR: Scott Oake)

Game 4: Detroit @ Anaheim 10:30 (Versus - Dave Strader and Darren Eliot, SR: Bob Harwood) (TSN - Chris Cuthbert, ItG: Ray Ferraro)

Enjoy the games and leave comments! (even though I may not be on tonight)


  1. RJBO called Manny, OctoManny over at my site.

    Reason 1,298 why I love RJBO's comments.

  2. I can't take credit for that. JamesCraven actually said that.

    /I'm not Carlos Mencia Bible Owner'd

  3. Blackhawks win in OT 2-1 scoring in the last couple of minutes to tie it up and 3 minutes or so into the OT for the win.

  4. 4-2 Wings after 2. I'm going to bed now; have to get up early tomorrow. Good night all!


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