Monday, September 14, 2009

130 Pitches, 8 Innings, 1 Unbelieveable Performance

For all the talk and the hoopla over McNabb, the Eagles, Stokley, and football season in general, in the 2nd game of a day-night doubleheader, the Phillies managed to come up with one their season highlights and maybe even one for the all-time reel. Against the team that all but left him for dead, hall of fame pitcher Pedro Martinez threw 8 innings for the 1st time since 2006 and 130 pitches for the first time since he turned 30. And may I remind you that Pedro Martinez is 38-years old. Via, here is the link to the video of Pedro's highlights for the day capped off with the unbelieveable pick off play by Ruiz to end the 8th inning with a great call by Jon Miller.

And with that loss, the Mets are now officially eliminated from playoff contention. Oh, the joys and ironies and lovelies of that! And aspeaking of the playoffs, thanks to The O Files and, I can tell you that the Magic number for the Philadelphia Phillies is currently at 14. Any combination of 14 Phillies wins and losses from any team in 2nd place will equate to the Phillies being National League East champions for the 3rd consecutive year. For your viewing pleasure, I will add a counter to the sidebar so that way, you can always know how close the Fightin Phils are to the playoffs. Go Phillies!!!

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