Friday, September 11, 2009

Most. Dramatic. Jersey Unveiling. Ever

This video is every bit of awesome as Simon Gagne, Danny Briere, and Braydon Coburn unveil the Flyers jersies for the 2010 Winter Classic.

Personally, I think that the retro Flyers jersies are one of, if not the, best jersies in Philly sports (aside from that homage by the Eagles to Team Sweden, of course). Last year, they debuted the orange version of these as an alternate jersey and will be using them as their home jersies for this coming year, but the white ones have not been worn in this era until now. Thanks to Puck Daddy, here are a couple pics.

Puck Daddy does not like them, but as a Flyers fan, I think they are every bit of epic win!


  1. It'll be so popular, they'll be the road sweaters next season, but with a white nameplate and black lettering on the back.

  2. That would be awesome! I love the retro Flyers jersies....


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