Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: I Spoke Too Soon; Vick Activated Means Goodbye Kendra!!!

I said in the comments section in the Shawn Andrews post, that I would have the Phillies schedule up after my special comment/rant of the day. Well, it appears as if some big time breaking news will trump that. I guess there's only one to say it.....KENDRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE'LL MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The USA Today reports....

The Philadelphia Eagles have elevated Michael Vick (FSY) to the team's 53-man roster.
The Eagles released receiver Hank Baskett (FSY) to make room for Vick, who is eligible to play on Sept. 27 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The team said on its website that Vick, who had been on the exempt list, will begin practicing with the team on Wednesday, though he cannot play in Sunday's home opener against the New Orleans Saints.

Baskett was one of seven receivers the Eagles carried on their 53-man roster through Week 1. He became expendable after Philadelphia selected Jeremy Maclin (FSY) in the first round of April's draft and added Brandon Gibson (FSY) in the sixth round.
NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! KENDRA!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T LEAVE US LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'LL MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well, at least we still have Heidi!

Now to the actual football relevence of this, and it is an interesting move to say the least. I was not expecting this until this coming Monday or something. Then again, maybe Reid wanted that last pre-game public outcry over week in advance of his debut. But the Eagles do have too many receivers and sadly, this means the end of Hank and Kendra's time in Philly. And while I would much rather the Eagles discard of Reggie Brown, this might actually give the rookie Brandon Gibson a chance to step into the role or 5th wide receiver and I really liked what I saw from him in pre-season. As far as Vick goes, while he is still suspended, it will be interesting to see what Reid does with him now that McNabb is hurt. It seems to me like Reid has absolutely no intention of ever having Michael Vick play quarterback full time should something happen to Kolb and/or Garcia.

But alas, it must be said, as far as the loss of Hank Baskett III goes. I weep. Hank weeps. Kendra weeps. Lil Hank weeps. I think we all weep this sad day of loss in Philadelphia.

(Hat tip to James Craven!)

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