Monday, September 14, 2009

Eagles Sign Jeff Garcia

I'm shocked. Despite the way that Eagles management treated Jeff Garcia after his playoff run a few years ago, he has amazingly enough re-signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. From CSN Philly

Donovan McNabb is injured at Carolina. Minutes later, the Eagles knock out Panthers backup Josh McCown, who suffers a knee injury. A day later, Carolina signs A.J. Feeley, who played two separate stints with the Eagles before being released a week before this season’s opener.

So the Eagles decide to bring back Jeff Garcia, who in 2006 led them to an unforgettable run to the playoffs. Garcia agreed to a one-year deal Monday evening.


“It was either Jeff or A.J. A.J. ended up going to Carolina, and signed with them. That’s a long-term deal for him, and Jeff’s going to come on board with us for who knows how long,” head coach Andy Reid said Monday on his weekly radio show on 610 WIP-AM. “It’s a unique situation because Michael [Vick] is suspended for a week and Donovan’s banged up. We don’t know how long Donovan’s going to be. At the same time, we need a second quarterback in there, if needed, for this weekend.”

And go figure this out. McNabb also injured his ribs in 2004 against Carolina in the NFC Championship (and again a cheap shot).
You really can't make this stuff up.

And wait??? If McNabb can't go, the Eagles are actually going to go with Kevin Kolb over Jeff Garcia? Seriously? I understand Garcia just re-signed with the Eagles, but he probably knows the Eagles offense just as well, if not even better, than Kolb. It's the offense he had success with in San Francisco and his playoff run in Philadelphia.

And despite the fact that the Panthers knocked McNabb out with a cheap shot, it appears that the Eagles have gotten the last laugh in the end. After all, the Eagles have Pro Bowl quarterback Jeff Garcia, and the Panthers end up with pathetic A.J. Feeley. Like I mentioned at the AA Live Blog, the only way any of this makes sense is if Jeff Garcia is completely desparate for any job period, and the Panthers want to set the all-time NFL record for most interceptions for a season...


  1. Didn't McNabb cry when Garcia was getting all the credit for that playoff run?

    I can see him complaining again.

  2. Maybe, I don't remember. I don't really think there is anything to complain about. Feeley bolted for Carolina and Garcia was the only decent QB available. Besides, he's probably going to be active for this week as Kolb's back-up and that's it.

    /Michael Vick'd.


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