Friday, September 18, 2009

Apparently Someone Is Not A FARN! Fan....

I hate to overshadow my YouTube video debut like this (see below post) but apparently there is a hater or 2 out there. Either that or someone just desparate for an odd story did a "Fire Andy Reid" search, clicked on my link which comes up 3rd, and paste it as a bad site without actually perusing what I've done.
Yes, that "Fire Andy Reid" line is a link that leads right to the front page of this blog. But hey, thanks for the link guys! You know what they say, any and all publicity is good publicity!

Rise and shine --- on the 'net (Delaware County Times Blog)


  1. I should have created Fire Charlie Manuel, then we both could have been listed.

  2. or maybe the person that put that list together likes Andy Reid


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