Sunday, September 13, 2009

McNabb Is "Week-To-Week" With A Fractured Rib

First of all, LOL @ Jake Delhomme and the Carolina Panthers for that completely craptastic performance. It was all Jake Delhomme, McCown, and Moore. They screwed up on their own. The fact that the pressure the Eagles defense put on them had absolutely nothing to do with that. Impossible. Because that never happens, right?

Trust me, as an Eagles fan, you get used to everybody calling the other side bad and credit is never given where credit is due. Then again, I guess it's not a bad thing as it keeps us under the radar, which ain't bad at all. But on to the more important news at hand: Donovan McNabb. Here's the latest from

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb is week to week after fracturing a rib during Sunday's 38-10 season-opening rout of the Carolina Panthers, a source with knowledge of the situation told NFL Network's Jason La Canfora.

According to the source, McNabb's status depends on his pain threshold and whether anything aggravates the injury. Returning for next week's home game against the New Orleans Saints might be ambitious, but McNabb will be evaluated throughout the week.

"He's sore right now. He's got a broken rib," Eagles coach Andy Reid said. "We'll just see how he does over the next little bit."

Philadelphia's dominant performance at Carolina was tempered by concerns about McNabb, who cracked the rib during the third quarter when several defenders hit him on his 3-yard touchdown run. McNabb didn't immediately get up after the touchdown, and Eagles trainers attended to the quarterback before he eventually left the field on his own.

"Don is very resilient," said Eagles running back Brian Westbrook, who caught one of McNabb's two touchdown passes. "He heals fast"
The Eagles are in big time trouble next week. Despite how well they played today, the Saints and Drew Brees are a different animal and a injured McNabb is about as bad as Kevin Kolb/A.J. Feeley. It also does not help that, while playable, a broken rib is a very painful injury. McNabb does not fare well in pain, as we have seen numerous times in the pass. And while the Eagles defense was great today, surely the Saints will find away to score some points and if the Eagles can't score at all, then it will be trouble. I'm a little more hopeful for Week 3 as they face an easier opponent in Kansas City and that's Mike Vick's return, and even though Andy Reid is constantly vowing that he won't be the starter, that will add a different dimension to the offense. I know Eagles back-ups have had success in the past (see Detmer, Koy, Feeley version 1.0, and Garcia, Jeff), but Kevin Kolb once again proved today that he is a completely inept quarterback. Jay Glazer and Fox Sports reported that the Eagles might re-track down the recently cut Feeley and Jeff Garcia, but with only 6 days to prepare and get re-acquainted with the team, you have to wonder how effective that will be. And after Eagles management all but kicked him out of town, I'd be shocked if Garcia would even give a return to the Eagles a passing thought, even if it is the only job available.

Let's put it this way: I'll be completely giddy if the Eagles can win 1 of their next 2 games before their Week 4 bye week.

I'll try to have an update or 2 on McNabb tomorrow afternoon as I'm sure there will be some.

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