Friday, September 4, 2009

Bowling, Narcolepsy, Fox News, And Horrible Reporting

I've done my share of bashing MSNBC over the past few months, well now it's Fox News' turn. This error is more comical than anything, but someone at the research center for their mobile updates fell asleep or was not paying attention or something and the result is a hilarious miscue. With much thanks to the Fan, here's the Fox News Blast mobile update for today, September 4, 2009.

Thinking back, any of that seem vaguely familiar to you? I'm not talking about Blount, I'm talking about the narcoleptic bowler. Does that seem vaguely familiar to you? Take a look at this YouTube screen shot and you will soon see what is so funny about this (click for larger).

You see the error? If not, then take a look at the date on the YouTube screen shot right in the upper-right hand corner.....

Yeah, um, wow. Some goofball re-posted that video yesterday, got 121 views, and some genius at Fox, picked up that re-posting of an old video as today's news. And it's not like they had to do much research. Type in "narcolpetic bowler" and one of the top results is a 243,105 view video added one year ago! Incredible idiocy.

And now just for shiggles, here is the full video of the narcoleptic bowler from 2 years ago!

Too funny.

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  1. What would you expect from none other than Prof. Harold Hill's commie rantings about the property he works on?


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