Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Picks For The 2009 Season

There's only a few minutes until kickoff so with that being said, here are my picks for the teams that will make the playoffs (and just a little FYI, if the team I have up now is not the team I picked to win the division in our NFL Previews, that's because I changed my mind, as I have done a lot when it comes to trying to figure out who does what this year).

First off, my pick for tonight's game is for Pittsburgh to beat Tennessee. I will have more detailed picks on the weekend and MNF games tomorrow. If any of you are intersted in a picking the games competition, please let me know right now. Thanks!

1. Minnesota
2. Philadelphia
3. Atlanta
4. Seattle
5. New York
6. Green Bay

NFC Championship: Green Bay @ Philadelphia
Winner: Philadelphia

1. New England
2. Pittsburgh
3. Tennessee
4. San Diego
5. Indianapolis
6. Houston

AFC Championship: Pittsburgh @ New England
Winner: Pittsburgh

Super Bowl XLIV: Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh
Winner: Pittsburgh

If it makes Raven fans feel any better, I was torn between them and the Texans, who I think will finally go over the top this year and make the playoffs.

For those intersted in a live blog tonight, here it is! I have to run an errand will fast and will be a few minutes late, but I'll be there.


  1. har har har. 3 AFC South teams? this would be like me picking Arizona, SF and Seattle to make the NFC playoffs.

  2. AFC South will be one of the best divisions in football. Face it, the West is a joke, the Dolphins were a one-hit wonder, the Bills have T.O., the Jets don't have a clue, and the Bengals and the Browns are both in a state of clusterfuck. Like I said, the decision for the 6th wildcard came down to the Ravens and the Texans. If Schaub stays healthy, bank on the Texans making the playoffs this year.

    /Is getting prepared to star in NFL-N's "You have 8 months to get your story straight" commercial.


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