Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If Only We Saw More Stories Like This In Baseball

For all the chastising of general idiocy that goes on around here, sometimes it's nice and rather refreshing to post something a little on the heart-warming side such as this video. Such is the case with this story making national headlines of the Phillies fans the other night. In the bottom of the 5th inning of Tuesday night's game against the Nationals, Jayson Werth hit a foul ball that was caught in the stands by a lifelong Phillies fan named Steve Monforto who was attending the game with his 3-year old daughter. Monforto did what any normal fan would do after making a foul grab and he gave the ball to his little girl to hold. Only she did not exactly do that. Instead, she threw the ball away over the railing, thinking she was innocently playing a game of catch. Afterward, instead of yelling at his daughter for throwing the foul ball away (Monforto has been going to Phillies games all his life and this was his first foul ball), he had a smile on his face and gave her a big hug, and all of a sudden, he is now relishing 15 minutes of fame. Here's the link to the original video from CSN Philly courtesy of and below is an interview Monforto did with MSNBC earlier today.

So great and fun to see, it really truly is. Both Steve and Emily will be appearing on the Today Show tomorrow, September 17, where supposedly both Steve and his daughter, Emily, will receive some sort of surprise. If it is posted online, I'll try to get the video of that up as soon as I possibly can.


  1. Nice story.

    and a big thanks to the 4-letter for reminding us all just how terrible Chris Berman is at baseball play by play.

  2. lets just say when i flipped over to the Giants game, "Boomer" freaking out over Rich Aurilia was the last thing I expected to hear.


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